Compliance and Quality

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Compliance and Quality


All our systems, processes and activities are designed around POPI compliance from the outset. Our clients will be able to rest assured that whatever aspect of their operations they entrust us with, everything that happens will be completely compliant.

We also ensure the same for every other aspect of whatever legislative or regulatory framework that your business operates within, whether it is in South Africa, the EU, the USA, Australia, or wherever you operate.

Where required, we establish a focused and dedicated Quality Assurance team that makes sure that the service and all activities related to it is of the required standard and compliance.

As a matter of course, we do extensive and consistent Quality and Compliance checks on all the activities we perform, leaving you with the peace of mind that your business carries no risk.

Every single contact interaction is recorded, whether it be voice or type. A complete record of all events is available at any time.

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