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Not all contact activities are as straightforward as simply ‘Inbound’ or ‘Outbound’.


Very often an Outbound call may result in a client or prospect needing to make an Inbound call at a later stage. Very often an Inbound call requires that a responding Outbound call is required.


Also, when we have a client or prospect on the phone they might have a query relating to their account, an outstanding order or there may be an opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell to another product or service that your business offers.


Blended Contact often involves Process Handling, where a client may for example be submitting a claim. Whatever the process is, you will have a team with a purpose-built system that will guide your customers through every aspect of the process right through to a successful resolution.


We can deal with every level of Process Handling, from the straightforward data gathering type of processes, right through to the complex level processes such as claims handling, warranty services etc.


Within our Blended Contact offering, we provide you as well as your customer a 360 Degree Experience, covering every aspect of your interactions: sales – support – service- marketing – information gathering and whatever else your business entails.


Every Blended campaign is set up on a bespoke system specifically tailored to the exact unique needs that your business requires. We go through an extensive specification and project management process with you to ensure that the right solution is in place. Of course, as your business needs change and evolve, so do our services and our systems.

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