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Indlovu Connect brings together a wealth of experience, both in terms of the Contact & Business Process Outsourcing field as well the Brand and Business Optimisation fields.


We have resources at our disposal with a rich and accomplished background in the Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing field. This covers any dozens of Call Center projects, building them from scratch for an impressive list of blue-chip clients.

We became aware of the keen need for a Call Centre service provider that caters for a larger variety of client sizes while still maintaining the highest levels of service, compliance and profit for the client.

Our resources have headed up projects for multi-million £ companies, multi-national BPO providers and also several South African Call Center providers.

Collating Data

We are also proud of our  powerful conglomerate of investors that saw the value of offering a service like Indlovu Connect. They bring a wide array of business skills and insights to the table, with specific key skills to ensure the maximization of the value of your brand and your investment.


Their current portfolio and experience include some of the largest and most well-known blue-chip companies in the country. This makes Indlovu Connect unique in that we offer our clients a much wider value proposition than what they would normally be able to access to at other providers.


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